Caring For Our Environment

At SH Pratt Group we are conscious of our environmental impact. We do all we can to make sure our operation runs efficiently and with as little environmental impact as possible. Throughout the SH Pratt Group we focus to ensure that we are always doing all we can to reuse, reduce and recycle.

We have modified our Luton site to have solar panels covering the entire roof. This contributes to up to 10% of our electricity, this may not seem a lot, but it can make a massive impact on the environment. 

Keeping our buildings cool is a massive part of our operation. We have ensured our cooling systems are kept up to date to ensure they are as efficient as possible. Also keeping them well serviced ensures smooth operation all year round, reducing our risk of over running them due to a fault.

We are always looking to improve how we do things and looking at everything we do from the products we fill our vending machines with, to precision planning our transport so we can ensure that our vehicles are running efficiently. 

2020 is the year that SH Pratt Group are pledging to make a difference.

We are looking at how we can reuse, reduce and recycle even more. We are looking into how we counteract the waste that we cannot recycle and offsetting all the Co2 our trucks emit into the atmosphere.  We are pledging to plant a tree every month through the National Forest ‘plant a tree’ scheme, and will continue to look for other ways to improve our environmental impact.